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Applications & Solutions

Applications and Solutions that fit and benefit YOUR business

GSM, the world’s leading digital wireless standard is still showing sustained growth. Apart from the core functionality of telephoning, new high-quality Value-Added Services are increasingly gaining in importance for wireless customers and are thus a decisive unique selling point for operators.

As a result of the introduction of UMTS, there is a growing desire on the part of customers for Value-Added Services, and demands on the sophistication of such services are increasing. In line with this market trend, Morpho attaches great importance to the development of SIM card applications.

Morpho is very experienced in all kinds of application development, including basic information services, solutions that make the subscriber’s life easier, location-based services (LBS) and server-based applications. In addition, we are a key player in new application technologies based on BIP, JSR177, NFC, Smart Card Web Server and more.

To ensure that we can always provide new services, Morpho is working with the best in-house specialists as well as selected international partners. Find out how applications can boost your business, give more freedom, guarantee security, keep users informed and add fun and convenience to your subscribers’ mobile experience.

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