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One step beyond: Morpho’s product family “NFC Evolution”

Near field communication (NFC) is now one of the dominant topics in the mobile world. NFC enables new solutions to make everyday life more exciting, more convenient and more comfortable.

The NFC market is indeed evolving: It has grown from an “innovator” to an “early adopter” stage and from trials to first commercial rollouts. ABI Research anticipates annual NFC handset shipments to reach 552 million in 2016, representing 28% of total handset shipment volumes and 54% of smartphone shipment volumes.

The practical convenience of NFC for consumers and the opportunities for operators, especially in the area of contactless payment, are immense – but there are also plenty of threats and so the need for security is becoming the main challenge in commercial use of NFC technology.

The e-Documents Division of Morpho believes in the key role of the SIM card as the main security element for NFC use cases. The SIM still has the unrivalled ability to enable and protect contactless services on a large scale. Morpho is ready for this trend with a whole product family named “NFC Evolution.” From stand-alone NFC SIM cards and NFC bridge solutions to the latest security capabilities and innovative features, Morpho’s e-Documents Division offers a wide range of products in various fields of NFC applications and verticals. This portfolio focuses strongly on security and features, enabling transversal interoperability with various existing environments.

The new NFC Evolution product family meets the market’s expectations and its requirements. From a security perspective, our NFC Evolution SIM card is an EAL4+ / Common Criteria / EMVco certified product, featuring RSA key management and offering various crypto algorithms. Thanks to its large end-user free memory, NFC Evolution ensures that all existing and future services can be addressed through the same product. Finally, NFC Evolution is a product family that meets the market’s expectations in all open verticals, supporting various transportation and banking standards – from the protocol perspective to secure provision of applications. What use would hardware and security features be if there were no software solutions in place to keep them running? Morpho’s e-Documents Division is working hard on providing software as products and services. NFC, and more widely contactless technology, can be successful only if it is accepted by consumers and backed by a seamless and secure user experience.

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